When you’re working as a tradie, your day involves using a wide range of tools. You don’t want some grub to steal your tools from you when you least expect it.

Unfortunately, many tradies don’t keep a record of their tools and when they are stolen, important information like the tool’s serial number is unknown to the tradie and the authorities are unable to verify the tool is theirs.

In this modern age, technology helps make our lives much more easier and it can now help keep track of all our tools too, with ToolTrackr!

ToolTrackr is a free web app which allows you to easily keep a record of all your tools. From information about the tool’s serial number, model, visible marks, the cost of the tool and other information can all be recorded into ToolTrackr.

As seen below, this is the ToolTrackr Wizard. It’s the easy wizard which you’ll make use of regularly when adding all of your tools:

protect my tools, How to protect your tools in 3 easy steps, ToolTrackr

All you need to do is follow the step by step wizard and your tool is securely logged on ToolTrackr. You can even add images of your tools, for easy identification.

ToolTrackr creates your own virtual toolbox from the tools you add. ToolTrackr will even show you the estimated tool value of all your tools, the image of the tool and other options related to each tool.

ToolTrackr Dashboard

If your tools are ever stolen from grubs, the magic of the ToolTrackr Automatic Report System will help you generate instant reports, to provide to the authorities. You can download reports in either PDF of Excel Spreadsheet format.

An example of a ToolTrackr Report in PDF format

What makes ToolTrackr unique is how it’s reponsive to be used on any platform and also our ToolChecker. The ToolChecker allows anyone to quickly check a tool’s serial number, to determine if the tool is already registered or has been stolen. This can be useful for used retailers or second-hand markets to quickly determine if the tool is not stolen.

If the tool is in-fact stolen, ToolTrackr will automatically send out an alert to the tool owner.

ToolTrackr is designed to help our community and will always be a free service. Sign up now for free!