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tool protect app, Home, ToolTrackr

Why ToolTrackr?

The tools you use day-to-day are important and crucial for your job. Don’t let thieves feel they can take your pride and joy away.

With Tooltrackr, we made sure it’s easy to log all your tools in only a few steps. If they are ever stolen, you can send an automatic report straight to your insurance company and police.

Also, if your tools are stolen and a thief tries to sell them to a used pawn shop, shop owners can validate and verify the tool is not already stolen. If it is stolen, ToolTrackr will send you an alert right away. 

Keep your tools safe and protected with Tooltrackr, all secure and free! Unlike our competitors, ToolTrackr will always remain a free service to help our community.

tool protect app, Home, ToolTrackr

Download our app now!

ToolTrackr is now available to download from the Google PlayStore. Now, you can log all your tools from anywhere. Prefer to use a computer? Don't worry, you can still access ToolTrackr using our website version.

Features to protect your tools. Free.

What's included?

  • Add as many tools as you require.
  • Instant tool reporting to PDF and Excel Spreadsheet formats.
  • Send reports right away to your insurance company and police.
  • Access ToolTrackr on all of your devices.
  • Free to use.
  • Access to new features when they are rolled out.
  • Edit and delete current tools.
  • If your tools are stolen, they can be validated on our Tool Checker, to validate if your tools have been stolen using the tool's serial number.
  • If your lost tools are found, you will receive automatic notifications.

ToolTrackr Wizard

Easily follow the step by step wizard for each tool.

Works on any device

ToolTrackr is responsive and can be used on a variety of devices including; smartphones, desktops, tablets and laptops. Plus, our official app for the Google Playstore and Apple App Store will be available soon!

tool protect app, Home, ToolTrackr

no restrictions

Record and protect as many tools as you need to. ToolTrackr is designed to help the community and will always remain free. Other competitors will secretly charge a fee after a trial period. You won't need to worry with ToolTrackr.


ToolTrackr is built on a secure framework and is constantly updated to ensure the most up-to-date security. We also use SSL (https), to ensure the communication on our site is encrypted.


ToolTrackr understands how important tools are for our tradies. That’s why we invented ToolTrackr, to help our community protect their tools as a free service.

Tool Protection is so important and with ToolTrackr, it’s really easy. There are no up-front costs and no trial periods. It will always be free for every tradie to use our tool protect system.

It’s easy to start. Simply register on ToolTrackr, to begin adding all of your tools, for instant peace of mind. Knowing if theft of your tools ever occured, you can instantly create an automatic report with ToolTrackr, to provide to the authorities. ToolTrackr allows report generation in PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats.

We are always adding more features to ToolTrackr, to safeguard and protect our community.

How can ToolTrackr be truly free? With advertising, we are able to offer our tool protect system absolutely free. Advertising helps to keep ToolTrackr sustainable, supports development of new features and more importantly, ensures ToolTrackr will always be free to use. We don’t limit how many tools you can add or restrict the features on our system, like some of our competition.

Keep track of all your gear today.

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